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Blow-in insulation is a silicone treated, non-combustible glasswool which is designed to be installed by Approved Installers. InstalPro are experts in blow-in products and systems, and have been using this product in countless homes throughout Auckland.
Jet Stream® MAX and Supafil are now available for a wide range of applications and have CodeMark certification to ensure compliance.
Why Blow In Insulation?

Improve the thermal performance of external walls without the expense and mess of needing to remove and replace wall-linings.

For many existing homes in Auckland, blow-in insulation can help to improve the thermal performance of external walls without the expense and mess of needing to remove and replace wall-linings.

It can also be blown in internal walls and mid-floors to help improve acoustic performance. Blow-in insulation is also a great solution for ceilings without insulation. It can also be used as a top up to existing insulation to improve thermal performance and create a comfortable home.

The CodeMark certification also extends to new build construction and is a popular solution for high-performance homes in Auckland, with some minor design considerations such as the rigid-air-barrier, it is perfectly suited for any new dwelling. The product completely fills gaps and voids and like all Insulation glasswool products it is non-combustible.

The range of applications is not limited to the residential sector as it also provides a great thermal and acoustic solution for existing commercial structures, such as rest-homes, hotels and motels, offices and high-rise apartments where acoustic insulation was not installed during construction.

Best Solution for Restricted Space

Blow-in insulation is an ideal solution where there is restricted space for installing traditional insulation, it offers superior thermal performance due to its ability to reduce thermal bridging by covering overall horizontal timber trusses and rafters. If you would like to see how blow-in insulation can help to improve thermal and acoustic performance as well as create a comfortable and energy efficient environment please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation quote.

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