Healthy Homes Standards

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The healthy homes standards became law on the 1st July, 2019. They were introduced to raise the minimum standard for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties to reduce negative health impacts for tenants.
We provide a comprehensive assessment of your rental property for compliance with the healthy homes standards. During our inspections, we can identify areas of your property that fall short of the standards, and provide the services required to ensure compliance.

Healthy Homes Standards


From 1st July 2019: New/ Varied Tenancy Agreements must have a signed insulation statement complying ceiling and underfloor insulation where reasonably practicable to install. Landlords/ owners must also sign a statement of intent to comply with the Healthy Homes Standards. 
From 1st December 2020: Landlords/ owners must include a statement of their current compliance against the Healthy Homes Standards with any new/ renewed tenancy agreements. 
From 1st July 2021: All private rental properties & boarding houses (except Kainga Ora houses) must comply with Healthy Homes Standards by this date or within 90 days of any new/ renewed tenancy. 
From 1st July 2023: All Kainga Ora houses and registered Community Housing must comply with Healthy Homes Standards by this date.
From 1st July 2024: All rental homes must comply with Healthy Homes Standards



Landlords must provide an acceptable fixed source of heating to ensure the main living room meets the minimum heating capacity requirement. 
The minimum heating capacity can be met by one or more fixed heaters that directly heat the living room area. It must not be portable, have a minimum heat output of 1.5kW and it cannot be an open fire or unflued combustion heater, e.g. portable LPG bottle heaters. 
Our assessment will help identify the most suitable and cost effective heating solution for your space, in order to comply with the heating standards. If required, our friendly team can also supply and install the necessary components identified in our assessment.


Insulation for ceiling and underfloor have been compulsory in all rental properties since 1st July 2019. The Healthy Homes Standards acts as a supplement to the existing standards where some may need to be topped up to reach a minimum thickness of 120mm. 
We assess whether your property complies with the new insulation standards, including properties with existing insulation. We have the expertise and experience to perform remedial work on old or under-performing insulation, and supply and install BRANZ appraised insulation with the appropriate thickness and is compliant with NZS4246 standards.


All rental properties must have at least one openable window, door or skylight in all habitable areas of the home. This must open to the outside and is able to remain in an open fixed position.  In addition to this – Bathrooms and Kitchens must have an extractor fan that is ducted to the outside. 
Ventilation helps in the fight against mould and dampness. It can prove harmful for anyone if not addressed. For owners the effects could prove costly if not addressed.  
To help you get a better understanding of what your property requires, our assessments will focus on the following: 
  • Openable windows, doors & skylights present in all habitable areas 
  • Form of ventilation in the kitchen 
  • Form of ventilation on the bathroom
Where your property doesn’t have any of the above requirements, we will offer you a supply and install quote for the most effective and cost affordable options.

Moisture Ingress & Drainage   

Moisture is the leading cause of dampness within the home and causes a lot of issues to tenants and the overall quality of the home. All rental properties must have sufficient drainage to remove storm water, surface water and groundwater to an appropriate outfall. 
We will assess the following:
  • Existing condition of gutters and downpipes – any major repairs or replacements we will recommend that you source a drainage specialist 
  • Obstruction to waterflow – we will check the gutters, downpipes, stormwater drains – we will recommend gutter cleaning to remove debris and test all waterflow through downpipes and stormwater drains 
  • Enclosed subfloors that have the ability to trap moisture – we will recommend that we supply and install a ground moisture barrier to counter any evaporating surface water
Contact us to find out what solutions best meet your needs.

Draught Stopping

All rental properties must present in a reasonable state of repair. The Healthy Home Standards ensure that any rental property doesn’t lose its ability to retain heat through unreasonable gaps or holes within windows, doors, walls, ceilings, floors & skylights.
We will focus on assessing whether there are any identified gaps or openings and recommend to supply and install any draught stoppers where applicable. 
Where there are open fireplaces present, we will check to see that there are no reasonable gaps or holes identified that could enable draught into the home. In this instance, we will recommend to close off the fireplace. The landlord can choose to keep the fireplace upon the tenant’s request where it meets a suitable standard (please refer to
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