Start Fresh With Our Insulation Removal Service

Removing old ceiling insulation is the first step in our integrated ceiling-cleaning solution. If your ceiling has old or dirty insulation, it may be time to get it looked at and replaced. Old ceiling insulation is often inefficient and could lead to unnecessarily high energy bills. Dirty ceiling insulation, on the other hand, could have been the result of pests like rodents and birds that contaminated the insulation, which can lead to an unhealthy home. If either of these situations are the case, it’s time to remove insulation from ceiling spaces to maximize the safety and energy-efficiency of your house.
During your home assessment and quote, we will take a deeper look into what is hiding in your walls and ceilings and find out whether or not insulation removal is required - before any work is started.
Why you need our Insulation Removal service?

We remove Batt Insulation and we remove Blown/Insulfluf

Our ceiling insulation removal service involves the use of a custom-designed, high-powered vacuum, which is connected to a very long hose. All of the dust and debris can be suctioned up safely and efficiently and collected in a large-volume filter bag, which is specifically designed to collect the insulation material. This material is then placed outside of the home. With such technology, removing blown-in insulation is a safer task.  

Let the experts handle removing Ceiling Insulation

There are several reasons why doing this yourself is not a safe option for most homeowners. Problems can occur if you try the removal yourself without adequate protection and expertise.

For instance, should pests or rodents have gotten into your insulation, stirring up dust and fecal matter might lead to contracting potentially fatal diseases. Also, not everyone is familiar with the appearance of some potentially dangerous materials that older insulation has been made out of, such as asbestos and older fiberglass products, which can be very dangerous to work with without protective equipment.

Lastly, with blown-in insulation removal, it’s often the case that the insulation can be higher than the joists in your ceiling, which makes it difficult to see where you are walking.

Although it is tempting to try to remove the loose fill or batts yourself, there is a very real chance that you could end up causing accidental damage such as stepping through your ceiling!

1. Pre-Job Prep & Walk

Starting your ceiling cleaning job off right is important. The lead tech will walk with you around your home to document the current conditions. We cover all surfaces along the pathway to the ceiling entrance in an effort to reduce dust exiting the work area.

2. Insulation Removal

Insulation is removed either by hand or by utilising a commercial 23-HP Gas Powered Insulation Removal Vacuum attached to a 30-50m vacuum hose.

3. Ceiling Cleaning

Once the insulation has been removed, or if there was no insulation to begin with, we will vacuum the floor of the entire ceiling using a 23-HP Commercial Vacuum.

4. Sanitising & Decon

After the insulation has been removed and the ceiling has been clean, we’ll sanitise the ceiling by use of a fogger to cover all the surfaces in the ceiling with a eco-friendly sanitiser.

5. Job Site Cleanup

Now that the Ceiling Insulation Service is complete we’ll cleanup our containment and work area to make it look like we were never there.

6. Post Walkthrough

You can rest assured your home is better than we found it after our service. To make sure of this once all the materials, equipment and waste has been loaded on to our trucks the lead tech will walkthrough the entire home with you to ensure there has been no damage to the property.

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